Family Cattle


Sells December 6th at 4pm in reno:

HOLT 8502 26T Miranda 26T ET--Reg. # 43939243

/S Domino 8502 (3027 son) X SB 19R Miranda 26T ET (Git-R-Done daughter)

Backed by out foundation cow, 26T, comes 8052. If this attractive, bold bodied, dark red heifer doesn't immediately grab your attention, set her in motion and her sound, functional build surely will. We have four full sisters and four half-sisters in production, all out of 26T, and one is Sadie 226Z, the 2013 Reno Triple Crown winner. If their udder quality and consistent calves are any indication of what this heifer can do, then we feel she'll be a herd asset for years to come.

Bred to /S Mandate 66589 due 1/30/20