Family Cattle

 Holt Family Cattle Today:

Scott, Kim, Emilee and Bennett make up the staff of Holt Family Cattle, along with great friends who help us every step of the way. We're especially grateful to the Shaw Family who runs our cows for us. We wouldn't be able to do what we do without their support. 


Cowherd: Our herd started with the purchase of a single female from Split Butte. We now have more than 10 producing females, including a few Angus cows, because everyone needs one to remember why they like Herefords. We raise females, steers, and a few bulls.


Females: We pride ourselves on showing bred-and-owned heifers, and have had three IJHA Show Heifers of the Year that we bred.


Steers: We raise locker beef for a handful of customers who appreciate what we call our "handcrafted" beef. Steers go on feed in the fall and are sold in late summer. They are fed primarily a rolled-corn ration for that buttery texture and flavor we demand.

Bulls: Our first-calf heifers are bred to proven calving-ease bulls such as 3027 and 719T in order to generate calving-ease sires with consistency. They are marketed privately by Shaws to customers who are looking for EPD profiles. Cows are bred for performance, keeping calving ease in order, pushing birth to yearling spread, and balancing milk in order to help meet the demand of our new commercial customer environment.


Kids: They do the work! From daily chores to building fence, buying feed, moving irrigation pipe, and more, they do it all. Sure, they've won a show or two and showmanship contests too, and they've done it with a level of effort you don't see in kids today.


Mentoring: We've been mentored by the best -- Ed Bible, Johnny Winston, Eddie Sims, Ken Tracy, Frank Rogers, Stanley Stout, Greg and Cleo Shaw, and many more. You know who you are and thanks! We spend time helping give back and are proud to lend a helping hand.

Journey: We hope to see you at future cattle events, and look forward to a handshake or a hug with a smile.